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An Accident at Kay’s Cross: A Utah Ghost Story

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Jimmy Gimp

I was hesitant to tell this story because of feelings and memories it
might bring back. Just thinking about it seems to bring that feeling
back again, that cold chill that comes with the question, “Will I
live? and if I do, Will my life ever be the same again?”

The night we decided to go to the cross everything just felt wrong. If
I could do it again I would have just stayed home but Rachel had been
begging to go see the cross ever since she had met Julie who had told
us she lived near the cross. I didn’t want to be the wimp and I had
been trying to impress Rachel but she didn’t seem to notice. This was
my chance. She seemed to have an attraction to the darkness and I was
going to take her to it.

When we arrived, I reached under the seat for my gun and my knees went
weak as I realized it was at home in the safe. I had bought a Ouija
board earlier that week as a surprise to freak out the girls and had
left it in my car. By then I had lost my nerve. I didn’t say a word
about the board but Rachel noticed it poking out from under the
passenger seat and grabbed it. “Whats this?” she asked with a
mischievous smile. “it’s..”

She cut me off, “This is just how I imagined it!”

The fact that I had finally impressed her gave me a little courage but
I was nervous about the thing that had impressed her. “I’ll carry
this” She said with a smile and a quick glance. Then I noticed her
hand shaking as she grasped the box… She was trying to impress me

We stepped out of the truck onto the road leading to the apple orchard
but as my foot hit the ground the world seemed to grow darker all at
once. Julie was the only one smart enough to bring a cell phone but I
could hear the battery low beep. She looked at it with astonishment,
“I just charged this before we came!… I’m not going!…I’ll wait in
the truck”

“Come on Julie!” Rachel begged, her voice shaking by then.

“I have a keychain light.” I offered nervously

“But if you girls are afraid then we can go back.”

“We’re not afraid…”

“Ok then, lets go.”

I gave my keychain light to Julie to convince her to come. We climbed
a rickety fence and walked through the corner of an apple orchard. A
cold chill fell over me. I looked around and noticed Rachel and Julie
both shivering at the same time I did. I offered my coat to Rachel and
she accepted without a word. With the little light we had we could
barely make out the broken down house. Rachel whispered as not to give
away our location to the presence we all felt, “I forgot the Ouija

“I don’t want to use it!” I blurted out in a nervously loud

“Ok, I said I forgot it!”

Then a voice from behind us whispered, “Use Mine!”
We both whirled around toward the old house and Julie was standing in
what was the doorway holding a flat wooden box. Her smiling face was
contorted and she seemed to be wearing a wispy white dress.
“JULIE!” Rachel screamed, “What are you doing!?”

“I just went in to look in the house.” Julie said confused.

“What are you holding? Put it back!” Rachel screamed.
Julie looked down at her hands and then back at us. Her face went
blank. She dropped the box and sat down in the damp leaves. “I
don’t know where I got that!” she said in a desperate whisper.

The little keychain light hanging on her belt loop pointed up to her
eyes now welling up with tears. “I don’t want to be here. I
didn’t want to come in the first place.” She cried.

“Let’s go back.” I said.

We all agreed. As Rachel helped Julie to her feet the box slid from
her lap and hit the ground and at that same instant, the little light
went dark and a gust of wind blew through the trees. Startled by the
wind and the loss of our last hope of light we stammered around,
feeling for each other frantically.

“Now what do we do?” I said, trying to keep my cool.

Surprisingly calm now, Julie said, “Hold on to my sleeve.”
Without another choice Rachel grabbed Julies sleeve and I put my hand
on Rachel’s shoulder. This was not the night I had planned. I wanted
to be the one leading the helpless girls out of harm’s way. As we
walked I couldn’t help but notice we were going downhill and our
pace seemed to quicken the more I thought about it. Should I say
something? Could I get any wimpier? Finally Rachel broke the silence.
“Julie slow down…. Why is your arm so cold?…..did you change
your clothes?….Julie?”

Our pace kept getting faster. Then my foot hit a pile of rocks and I
fell to the ground dragging Rachel with me. We got up and called for
Julie but we didn’t hear a sound. Then out from behind the rocks a
woman in a white dress appeared. The pale light from her being made it
apparent that we were sitting at the base of her resting place, the
Kay’s Cross. She just stood there looking at the cross and then back
at us. I grabbed the sleeve of Rachel’s coat and dragged her to her
feet and we both ran up the hill as fast as we could. We tripped in a
small stream but were too scared to stop and check for injuries. I hit
the wire fence so hard that it just collapsed and we both toppled over
it. Luckily I padded it for Rachel. One unintentional heroic act at
least would come from this night. We got in the truck and drove home
faster than I’d ever driven in my life. We got out and I collapsed
on the lawn as I started to feel the pain from the barbed wire gouges
and the cuts and bruises.

We never saw Julie again but this night did answer a lot of questions
I had about her strange ways.


Me and a bunch of friends were hanging out the weekend after school
had let out for the summer. We were bored so we decided to go to Kays
Cross. One of my friends and I had never been there before. The ride
up there I thought for sure that the stories they were telling us were
just urban legend. Growing up in this area I had hear tons of stories,
but I just brushed them off and figured it was just a bunch of kids
scaring themselves in the woods. When we arrived it was about 7:30ish
at night. We went through this fence and down the hill. We saw the
cross and I thought nothing of it. It was just crumbled pieces of
stone. It wasnt until we came across the crumbed house that I began to
get and Erie feeling. We came across this trailer that was on top of
the hill over kays cross and it had a bunch of box cars around it here
and there, just kind of scrambled about. We also found a well that was
filled in with dirt. When coming back we decided to go a different way
than we came. About halfway down the trail I started to get this
unshakable feeling of a evil presence. My friends up ahead were chit
chatting about some apparitions the had seen the other times they were
there, and about how they were disappointed they were that they saw
nothing this time. It was then that we came across the first dead
goat. Walking back to the car we came across two more, as well as what
seemed like an entire graveyard of bones scattered about. We all
stopped and tried to figure out what creatures the bones belonged to.
As my friend James picked up this boned that looked somewhat like a
partially decade hip bone that was lying next what look like a spinal
cored the wind started to pick up. And that point we were all pretty
spooked. Some of the girls clang onto their boyfriends comfort and
security. Of course the guys acted tough to impress their girlfriend.
The sun had gone down by this time and we were at the base of the hill
back up to the car when I came across this old doll. It was like one
of those plastic ones from the 50′s. The ones with the awful hair. I
picked it up and shined my phone light on it and it had what seemed to
be blood cross its face and upper body. As everyone was taking a look
at it I heard this voice. Kind of like a growl, and it said “Leave,
don’t come back.” I assume that everyone else heard it because we all
started running. two of the guys abandoning their girlfriends and
running for their lives. Almost all the girls were hysterical. And a
few of the guys were yelling out things I couldn’t make out. My heart

was beating so fast I could hear it in my ears. I couldn’t feel my

legs but I never ran so fast in my entire life. Once we got through
the fence and into the car, everyone was silent as we drove away. I
was shaking because of the adrenaline. We got back to our friend
Kevin’s house and all sat in the basement with blankets and just kind
of talked about what had happened. Come to find out they heard the
same thing as I. None of us went home that night. To afraid to sleep

in alone in our own bed. We crashed in the family room. I had never

felt so scared in my life.

By Don B

I was coaxed by some high school friends to drive up to Kaysville one Friday night just to see if we could find Kay’s cross. Doug said he knew were is was, but the way he was told to get there was fenced off. It wasn’t easy but we asked kids at McDonald’s if they knew about it and they drew us map on a napkin. So we went up this narrow road at the end of a neighborhood and parked on the side of the road. We walked around through a bunch of trees for a while I was sure we were lost. Then we all heard this moaning sound like something was hurt so we walked down this hill. Jeff fell in a creek and we all started laughing, the wind picked up and we all stopped laughing because we heard something or someone laughing just a ways ahead of us we saw this eerie image standing by this pile of rocks or something, the feeling that came over us was like un-explainable; it was pure evil, two other images appeared just behind what looked like a 15 foot guy in black robe. Janie started screaming uncontrollably and we all took off to run back to car, but we didn’t know which way to go and we ran around in the trees for what seemed like a long time, something was right behind us or running in the bushes and trees beside us the whole way back to the road, I was so scared and ran so hard, I could taste blood in my mouth when I got back to car. we just jumped in and got out of there as fast as we could go. I told Doug how stupid he was and how stupid it was and we all decided that we would never go back there. but that was like 8 years ago and now that they are inviting people in, I am definitely going to go to this Haunted Kays Cross it has to be the best spook alley because the demons are real.

By Nick G.

I have wanted to check out this site for a long time. Being born here I have heard a lot of stories but never dared to step onto the property. I cant wait to hear the many stories and hopefully witness something… my grandmother has lived in Farmington for most of her life; in the early 1990′s after the cross was blown up and destroyed she shared with us some history about the cross and even a time when she was younger when her and several friends saw a women standing close to the cross dressed in 1800′s clothing walking towards them and then quickly vanished. I will be there for sure on opening night on Friday the 13th !

By Amanda T.

In the summer of 2006, I went to Kay’s Hallow with some friends. (Me, Sara, Kelly, and Jamie) We had heard of all of the stories of
ghosts and we wanted to see if they were true. A little while past midnight, we started our venture down the old creepy path to Kay’s
Cross armed with flashlights to see if we could find anything. As soon as we stepped onto the road, we saw nothing but we felt an angry
presence that we couldn’t shake. As we began to walk down the path, we looked to our right and noticed a small old house that had crumbled
away with what looked like blood running down the wall. It was enough to get our heart pounding. We kept going on and a little while further
into the trail we heard twigs breaking and the evil presence that we first felt got stronger. We shone the flashlights in the direction the
sounds were coming from but couldn’t see anything but forest. We kept going after discussing that ghosts can’t physically hurt you
but the creaking of the forest got heavier and faster. We decided to turn back and go the direction we came from but it seemed we were
lost. It felt like we were going in circles for a very long time. We stopped and looked around to see if we somehow got on the wrong
trail and I saw a young girl in a white dress with a pale face and long blonde hair staring right at me. It was so frightened I closed my
eyes and prayed she would go away. When I opened my eyes, she was gone. I asked the girls if they had seen her. They could see that I
was trembling and it scared them even more. Sarah started crying and clinging on to Jamie and Kelly started whispering “we gotta get out
of here!! What way do we go?” We gathered huddling in a circle when Sara and Jamie looked up as if they saw something behind me and their
faces froze with fear. Sara dropped to her knees but Kelly pulled her up and they took off running. I didn’t look back but kept after
them. We were running so fast my heart felt as if it were going to burst.

I could feel the evil presence hovering over me and I was too scared to look behind or above me. We finally reached the old crumbling house
and I knew we were running in the right direction and if we could just keep going, we would make it out ok.
We finally saw the orchard we had gone through and made it to the fence we had snuck under to get there. As I was crawling under the
fence I kept thinking this thing was going to grab my legs and pull me back in. I had never scrambled so fast and I had cut myself from the
fence in several places. We ran down the paved road to our car as fast as we could. When we felt we were safe in the car, I asked the girls
what they saw. They had seen a woman with long dark hair in a white dress with one white eye and one black one…..the most terrifying
experience we have ever encountered.